Want to discover amazing marine life of the Andaman Sea? Head on over to Thailand this winter for a breathtaking scuba diving experience! Plenty of destinations in the country offer diving thrills for all.

For those itching to explore the horizon, it’s not necessary to go up in the air, sometimes you can find even more thrills by dipping into deep sea. Scuba diving is the sport that has always been on the wish list of adrenaline junkies, offering them the opportunity to discover the mystic underwater world. In Asia, Thailand is one such place where this adventure is offered to anyone from a novice diver to an experienced one seeking for underwater adventure.

Two seas straddle the Thai kingdom: the Andaman Sea one side and the Gulf of Thailand merging into the South China Sea on the other. The country has a splendid accumulation of oceanic; continental islands, extensive underwater caves, drop offs; deep holes, stunning coral reefs and a diverse marine ecology, and hence is a treasure trove for divers from around the world.

The best thing about Thailand diving is that it’s possible year-round. The country has so many diving destinations that you can easily find the one open for divers, no matter when you go there. In a bid to allure more and more avid explorers, many destinations begin to offer facilities and arrangements for diving. They have been facilitated with diving shops, schools where everything from instructors, SCUBA equipment and day trips through to learning course are offered.

Koh Tao is one of the finest places in Thailand to learn and enjoying diving. An enchanting range of marine species, especially the green sea turtles and hawksbills which the island is renowned for and named after, can be spotted at its numerous dive sites. Located between the Thai provinces of Surat Thani and Chumphon, Koh Tao covers a wonderful territory of 21 sq km, and is a premier dive spot in the country. One can go for dive here year-round, although it’s a good idea to avoid the off season in Nov-Dec.

The coastal city Pattaya is famous for its notorious nightlife, though wreck diving is another great experience here. And what makes it notable above other destinations is that it doesn’t offer seasonal diving. Since no monsoon messes up the sea conditions here, you can get wet at anytime of the year. The city is in close proximity to Bangkok and is easily accessible by train and bus after reaching Thailand.

If you’re in Thailand for scuba diving, you can’t afford to miss out on Phuket. The diving hub of Andaman, the picturesque Phuket is scattered by countless dive operators offering services for divers. Apart from diving day trips at local sites, they can be found offering trips out to Hoh Phi Phi, liveaboards to the Similans, Merqui and Burma Banks etc. the best season to come here is between November and March.

Many of diving spots in Thailand are also situated within National Parks, offering a safe, secure and pleasurable experience. scuba diving in Thailand is relatively inexpensive, though some destinations charge extra to foreign divers. You are always better to take professional help from a reputed travel agency to make your trip fruitful as well as cost-effective. Thailand packages for diving can be booked online. Besides this, several other deals for Thailand tourism are also available over the Internet.

Scuba Diving in Thailand – A Breathtaking Experience for Everyone!